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Laying and fixing of high tenacity polypropylene dewatering bag

dewatering bag-2 (2)_副本.png

Geotechnical dewatering bag  laying is to be laid by artificial tide when the beach is exposed at low tide level. Before laying, block stones, sundries and other objects that impede quality should be removed before laying. 

The processed bag is transported to the construction site and laid according to the lofting position. In order to prevent the tube bag from rolling, slipping and displacement during filling, and to ensure the accurate position of the mud bag, the tube bag should be anchored and fixed after the tube bag is laid. The anchoring of the bottom pipe bag is done by laying anchor steel pipes on the outside of the pipe bag, and then using the anchor ring on the pipe bag and the steel pipe to connect and anchor. The filled geo-bags are anchored by the geo-belt and the lower tube bag.

High tenacity polypropylene geotextile bag filling

The high-toughness polypropylene geotechnical pipe bag is filled with a 22KW flush-suction mud pump unit. The mud pump unit is fixed on a flat boat. After the soil is sucked and sucked underwater, the mud pump mud pipe is led to the paved bag In the filling cuff of the body, the mud pipe is used for sand filling. The filling process of high toughness polypropylene geotechnical pipe bag is shown in Figure 2.

When filling a geotechnical pipe bag, the mud is poured into the cuff at one end at the earliest, and the pipe at the other end is drained, which is conducive to sedimentation and efficiency. During the filling process, it is necessary to frequently check the mud and sand accumulation at the mud pipe mouth, adjust the position of the mud pipe mouth in time, and constantly adjust the mud filling cuffs. When filling, manually step on the top surface of the bag body to make the soil particles rearrange and tighten. Make the sand filling in the bag even and full, ensure the filling is flat, speed up the drainage and consolidation speed of the bag body, when the entire sand bag reaches the screen slurry stage, appropriately reduce the filling sand bag machinery or stop filling to prevent the bag from bursting and leave a certain amount of consolidation Dehydration time. During the filling process, the surveyor controls the top elevation of each layer of sand bag according to the cross-section drawing of the sand bag core. If the ideal height is not reached once during the filling process, after the sand bag is slightly consolidated, perform a second or more Fill it up to the desired degree of filling.

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