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Geomembrane manufacturers, the importance of geomembrane preparations before laying


The bonding surface must be cleaned before geomembrane splicing, and the bonding surface must be free of oil and dust. Work under the rain shed on cloudy and rainy days, and always keep the bonding surface dry. The geomembrane should be cut neatly to ensure sufficient bonding width. When voids, shrinkage, wrinkles, and twisting and bulging occur during the construction process, they should be removed and then bonded again to ensure bonding quality. In this way, good effects of geomembrane products can be achieved.

The use of different substances will have a basic principle, basic standard, used to measure whether the method of use is appropriate, and geomembrane will naturally have these principles.


Let me introduce you to the correct use of geomembrane

1. Whether the geomembrane can be used correctly is also related to the quality of construction. The operation according to certain principles is to give full play to the anti-leakage and waterproof effect of the geomembrane, because only in this way can it be better invested in the project .

2. The quality of geotechnical materials directly affects the price of geomembrane. The determination of quality will involve the use of raw materials. Water quality has little effect on the material and its aging. When using geomembrane, the horizontal stress should be small. Pull it too tightly, and the stress level should not exceed 20% of the tensile strength. Only in this way can the life of the material be prolonged, and the reasonable price of the geomembrane can have actual effects and be valuable.

3. Detection method, the geomembrane can be combined with the dam body to perform the secant modulus iterative method with R-element analysis, which has higher accuracy, not only can fully reflect the force status of various layouts, but also can be included For the tensile strength of the geomembrane, it should be noted that this method is only suitable for conditions without slack.

1. Application characteristics of anti-seepage geotextile

1. Since the synthetic fibers currently used in the production of impermeable geotextiles are mainly nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene, they all have strong anti-burial and corrosion resistance properties

2. The anti-seepage geotextile is a permeable material, so it has a good anti-filtration and isolation function

3. Non-woven geotextile has good drainage performance due to its fluffy structure

4. The anti-seepage geotextile has good puncture resistance, so it has good protection performance

5. The anti-seepage geotextile has a good coefficient of friction and tensile strength, and has geo-reinforced properties: In recent years, geosynthetics have been widely used in rock engineering, especially in flood control and rescue engineering It is highly valued by engineering and technical personnel. For the application technology of geosynthetics, the state has put forward normative technical requirements in terms of anti-seepage, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, etc., which has greatly accelerated the promotion and application of new materials. This material has been widely used in canal anti-seepage engineering in irrigation area. Combined with construction practice, the application technology of anti-seepage geotextile is discussed.

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