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Biogas Digester Geomembrane

Biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) features:

1. Low construction cost and convenient construction;

2. The residence time is long and the water discharge effect is good.

3. PE film has high heat absorption performance and high gas production;

4. Large gas storage volume to realize integrated gas storage;

5. It can realize the slag discharge function very well.

From a distance, it looks like a black flying saucer; from a distance, it looks like a huge yurt. what is this?


Biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane), scientific name "fully enclosed anaerobic pond", is an important part of the biogas production device in the farm. The volume of this biogas tank is 15,000 cubic meters. The black membrane on the ground is four or five meters high. The total depth of the anaerobic pond is more than 10 meters. The water depth is seven or eight meters. The black film with a thickness of only 1.5 mm is like a pot lid, which covers the biogas inside and does not leak.

Biogas can be converted into electrical energy, which can be used for lighting, cooking, and heat preservation in pig houses and other production and living purposes. The "power" of this biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) is extraordinary: the gas tank can only store 200 cubic meters of biogas, and can only generate electricity for 3 to 4 hours a day; while the biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) can Two or three thousand cubic meters of biogas are stored, and electricity can be generated almost all day long.

Biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) has the advantages of large anaerobic fermentation volume, long sewage retention period, large biogas production, and low operation and treatment costs. processing. There are many advantages of building biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane), the most intuitive is that the "volume" is very large, the waste liquid that can be fed and the biogas that can be stored are 10 to 20 times more than the conventional biogas digester. It has natural advantages in terms of construction cost, maintenance management, gas production, power generation, sewage treatment, etc., so it has strong economic, social and ecological benefits.

The biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) project can also save fertilizer costs.

In addition, the project also saves on sewage treatment costs. The manure is treated by biological composting and anaerobic fermentation to kill toxic and harmful bacteria, viruses and parasite eggs, eradicate the breeding places for mosquitoes and flies, and reduce human and animal diseases; The pollution of groundwater and downstream water quality protects the physical and mental health of local and downstream drinking water populations.

At the same time, biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) breaks through the construction materials of traditional biogas digesters. It adopts anti-seepage membrane material, which can effectively replace conventional pond construction materials (such as concrete, steel plate, brick, etc.) at low cost to solve the problem of pond construction. Material shortages and high prices.

It is reported that livestock and poultry breeding pollution has become the third largest source of pollution after industrial pollution and domestic waste pollution. In some areas, the discharge of pollutants from livestock and poultry breeding has become one of the important reasons for water pollution and eutrophication. The livestock and poultry breeding waste has seriously affected the sustainable development of the livestock industry. Especially in recent years, there has been a shortage of workers in the farms, and many farms have converted the manure removal process into a "blister manure" process, which makes the manure and urine of livestock and poultry mix, resulting in serious overload operation of the sewage treatment projects built in previous years. Some are paralyzed.

Biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) integrates fermentation and gas storage. The entire anaerobic pond is fully enclosed by anti-seepage membrane material. It has the advantages of simple and convenient construction, fast construction, low cost, simple process flow, convenient operation and maintenance, and sewage retention. Long time, sufficient digestion, good sealing performance, large amount of biogas per day, high tensile strength of anti-seepage membrane material, strong anti-aging and corrosion resistance, good anti-seepage effect, use of residual heat of biogas power generation, black film to absorb sunlight, temperature increase and heat preservation The effect is good, the bottom of the pool is equipped with an automatic sludge discharge device, and the amount of sludge in the pool is small.

At the same time, biogas digester geomembrane (black film) can also well solve the problems of water seepage, water leakage and air leakage caused by shrinkage and expansion of concrete biogas projects due to temperature changes, and the steel plates of ground-type steel plate biogas projects are easy to corrode and pipelines. Blockage, easy damage to equipment, and high operating costs. The project is in line with the requirements of the national development strategy and the direction of national industrial development, and is currently being studied and promoted by relevant departments.

The only disadvantage of biogas digester geomembrane (black membrane) is that it occupies a relatively large area. If biogas power generation is to be used, an anti-corrosion and explosion-proof supercharger must be added.

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