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Application of geogrid in environmental protection engineering

Geogrids are mostly used in various highway construction and engineering construction, and can also be used in environmental protection projects. Today, I will briefly introduce the application of geogrids in environmental protection projects. I hope it can be helpful to you.


Wind and sand area roadbed engineering

The subgrade project in the sandstorm area should use the core of the dam foundation with a low aspect ratio, and the backfill aspect ratio is generally not less than 3 cm. Due to the instability of roadbed engineering in windy and sandy areas and the professional standards for heavy transportation, the use of steel-plastic geogrids can confine the loose fillers and ensure that the roadbed engineering has high bending strain and tensile strength, so that it can be used for large, medium and small The load stress field of the vehicle.

Subgrade engineering in permafrost areas

Frozen soil layers are common in severe cold areas in my country. In such areas, ground construction is especially difficult. When constructing fill subgrade and roadbed projects, the backfill height-to-width ratio should be ensured to prevent tumbling or the reduction of frozen layer limits. The dam foundation causes too much subgrade settlement.

Concealed slab culvert roadbed engineering backfill reinforcement

The use of geogrids can be more effective for the purpose of concealed slab culvert reinforced slabs. The geogrids and fillers can lead to sufficient sliding friction, which can effectively reduce the uneven subgrade settlement between the subgrade engineering and the building, and alleviate the The role of bridge jumping.

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