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Geotextile composite application case

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In the geotextile isolation layer in railway engineering applications, the upper layer needs a high wear-resistant material that can resist the abrasion of the foundation gravel, and the lower layer needs infiltration material that can maintain the fine-grained soil of the roadbed. Both requirements must be met at the same time. For a single geotextile It is very difficult.

In order to meet high wear resistance, you can use resin-soaked, ventilated and dry geotextiles, but this process leaves a large gap in the geotextile, which causes the problem of soil loss. This problem can be solved by using the wear-resistant material Stick a layer of tightly structured non-woven geotextile to solve.

In the composite main cushion of the landfill, the geotextile above the drainage geonet and below the clay layer requires the use of non-woven geotextile in order to prevent the clay from squeezing into the geonet. However, this kind of geotextile, especially Needle-punched non-woven geotextiles have relatively low modulus and are easy to invade the space of the geonet core board, which significantly reduces the water conductivity.

A possible solution to this situation is to use cotton and linen reinforced needle-punched non-woven geotextiles, which meet both the requirements of percolation and strength.


There are many cases of composite use of geotextile. So far, the most successful filter layer combining geotextile and natural soil is indeed used in the storm surge barrier weir of the East Scheldt in the Netherlands. Between the three soil layers, a lightweight, non-woven, hot-bonded polypropylene geotextile is used as an isolation material to isolate the soil of different particle sizes. Each layer of potatoes is placed in a wire basket with a geotextile to make it Soil particles move during installation.

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