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EVA Geomembrane

Brand: Haisan

Thickeness: 0.3mm~3mm


Material: EVA

Flexibility, elasticity, weather resistance, resistance to environmental stress cracking and bonding performance.

EVA geomembrane is one of the geomembrane series products. EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. It has good flexibility, flexibility, elasticity, weather resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and adhesion performance. Higher than ordinary polyethylene, because it has strong flexibility at the same time, it is very convenient in construction and the welding effect is very good.

EVA geomembrane (14).jpgEVA geomembrane is mainly used in landfill plants, wastewater treatment plants, subway projects, tunnels, shelters, dams, artificial lakes, industrial waterproofing and other projects.

1、Environmental protection and sanitation engineering (such as domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, toxic and hazardous substance treatment plant, dangerous goods warehouse, factory building, etc.)

2. Water conservancy and civil engineering (river\lake\reservoir\dike anti-seepage, plugging, reinforcement, anti-seepage of water channel, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.)

3. Municipal engineering (underground engineering, underground construction of buildings and roof reservoirs, roof gardens, seepage prevention, sewage pipe lining, etc.) 4. Landscaping (artificial lakes, ponds, pond lining of golf courses, slope protection, etc.)

4, Petrochemical (chemical plant, oil refinery storage tank anti-seepage and anti-fouling, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining)

5. Mining (washing tank, heap leaching tank, ash yard, tailings dam seepage and pollution prevention, etc.)

6. Transportation facilities engineering (highway foundation reinforcement, culvert seepage prevention)

7. Agriculture (reservoir, drinking water tank, storage pond, anti-seepage of irrigation system)

8. Aquaculture (lining of fish ponds, shrimp ponds, etc.)

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