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Eco-bags can effectively prevent landslides

The ecological bag is an effective greening method that can be built at any angle. It can make the vertical rock surface greening of nearly 90 degrees possible, and the matrix layer will not be washed and lost in the rainy season, which can effectively prevent landslides.

In my country, the main greening methods of road, railway and mine slopes are: hanging three-dimensional net spraying and planting grass greening; geocell greening; digging trenches and planting grass; vertical greening; ; Organic substrate spraying greening method. But these methods have some deficiencies more or less in practical application. The planting bag technology has obvious advantages in the greening of complex slopes because of its fast construction, convenient operation, and simple construction.

After the introduction of ecological bags into my country, it has played a huge role in lawn planting and slope greening. Many units have carried out research on the production and utilization of the corresponding growing bags. Since 1997, nearly 200,000 square meters of demonstration areas have been built in areas with different climates in China. It has been widely used in the protection and greening of river basin slope management, river embankments, reservoir dam slopes, irrigation canal slopes, railway and highway slopes and other fields.

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